Dr. Alexander Bausch, Ph.D., MTE (IMD)

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Alexander Bausch serves as Chief Executive Officer and member of the Kinarus Board of Directors. Dr. Bausch has extensive commercial, development, and executive leadership expertise from a 20-year career in the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to founding Kinarus, he worked as an independent consultant strategically supporting venture capital funds and small biotech companies. While at Hoffmann La Roche, Dr. Bausch led research and development teams across seven therapeutic areas, most recently as life cycle leader for a global phase 3 program where he developed the strategic roadmap for commercialization up to product launch. He has entered more than ten drugs into clinical development, including four molecules successfully into phase 2 and one into phase 3. In his early career, Dr. Bausch served as head of solid dosage form development at Hoffmann La Roche. He is an expert in formulation research, aerosol development, and powder technology. Dr. Bausch is a pharmacist by training and obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Basel.


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